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UNICEF: Why we choose to give, and to whom?

During the past year we had the great honor of helping UNICEF Sweden in developing a Communications Platform. The assignment covered communication for both fund-raising (private citizens and businesses) and opinion-buidling. The core issues were in the ever-more competitive fund-raising, finding answers to questions like:

–       Why do we choose to donate money or sympathy?

–       With whom do we choose to associate ourselves with?

–       How can this relationship be maintained and nurtured over time?

Incorporating both local and global research, the platform was launched in late 2011, after an intence series of workshops with top management, staff and several partners (agencies, production houses etc). Since the launch, UNICEF Sweden has rolled out it´s traditional Christmas campaign, which got global attention and raised record amounts of funds for the children of the world. Tiop agency Forsman Bodenfors created the campaign. Take a look:
Even though UNICEF has done fantastic things for the children of the world, there is still incredible suffering and so many kids that need your help. Find out more how you can chip in:

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