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Six cases: How they discovered the ”gap” in their market.

This project, which in direct translation reads ”Yachting-life of the future, Pt 2”, was carried out for the yacht and boating shows of Stockholm International Fairs togather with the Swedish Yacht Industry Confederation (Sweboat). It is a follow-up of a study with the same name, which was presented in 2006. At that study we could identify millions of new potential boating-customers that the industry was unaware of, or at least didn´t care to try to reach. This time, we have looked closer at six companies that have accepted the challenge and chosen to approach the boating-market in a different way. They have identifies their ”gap” in the marketplace. Here are six short filmclips – unfortunately in Swedish – that describe these trail-blazers. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me.

1. Aquavilla: Skriver om definitionen och regelboken för ”båtliv” i Sverige.

2. Point65: Från nischesport till Svenssons söndagsutflykter

3. Båtaccenten: Från ”meckargrotta” till livsstilsbutik…

4. Lagoon: Den fula ankungen som blev en vacker svan… Konsten att sälja båten ”ingen” ville ha.

5. Marindepån: Säljer inte båtar utan drömmen om livet till sjöss…

6. Promarina: Från båtparkeringsplats till upplevelsecentrum.

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