Reality Check!

Turning great ideas into great business by injecting customer insight.

Five b2b-cases where customer insight lead the way forward.

  • The construction-materials company for whom advertising played a critical role in sales.
  • The business-travel campaign that shook up the market, created brand sympathy – and drove up sales.
  • The commercial TV-channel that rounded up new customers without a single new viewer.
  • The international logistics comapany with effective, efficient and well-syncronised communications – in EVERY market.
  • The business category that discovered millions of new users over-night. 

The presentation was orginally made togather with PlannerFed for a group of B2B-marketers at the Swedish Advertisers Confederation. We show you examples of how customer- and consumer insights along with sound ”planning” have added value in both strategy and creative development, in communications and in business development. I will be happy to tell you more.

mån, oktober 11 2010 » Reality checks