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We invite you to an important seminar on international ”return-on-marketing-investments”.

Its payback timeExpectations are rising dramatically on every marketing department to show exactly how their branding, marketing and advertising adds value to the business. Join the IAA as Betsson’s Global Insight Manager, Karin Grohman, will show how Betsson successfully set up processes to navigate and fine-tune its multi-national marketing. Our specially invited commentator is Ulf Herrmansson-Samell, Marketing Director at Scandinavian Airlines, who will kick-off the discussion.
DATE Monday, May 6, 2013
TIME Mingle from 17:30 Program from 18:30; Finish about 20:00 RSVP By May 3, 12:00 noon to email:
Where: Berghs School of Communication, Sveavägen 34, Stockholm
Cost: IAA Members FREE (incl. one guest) – Non-members 295 kr (incl. one guest)

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Looking forward – Into 2013 and beyond…

According to, 2013 will be the perfect storm of necessity and opportunity: some economies will do OK(-ish), others will be shaky, but whatever market or industry you’re in, those who understand & cater to changing consumer needs, desires and expectations will forever have plenty of opportunity to profit. A remapped global economy, new technologies (or ‘old’ technologies applied in new ways), new business models… hey, what’s not to like?

Hence this overview of 10 crucial consumer trends for you to run with in the next 12 months. Onwards and upwards…

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UNICEF takes integrated campaign one step further in 2012.

We have the privilege of working closely with the UNICEF-organization in Sweden, having the primary responsibility of developing a comprehensive Communications Platform. Presented and adopted in 2011, it covers all forms and communications outlets, including public relations, fund-raising, media-relations, social media, e-commerce, conventional advertising etc…This year, the team at UNICEF, together with agency Forsman Bodenfors among many other partners, have taken the campaign one step further. Go to the UNICEF website to find out more. See the main commercial right here.

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How Cool Brands Stay Hot – Branding for Generation Y.

Don’t miss the next IAA-event ”How cool brands stay hot” on December 10th @ Berghs School of Communication. Guest speaker is Joeri Van den Bergh, author of the award-winning book HOW COOL BRANDS STAY HOT. He will take us on a journey through the mindset of Generation Y, one of the most marketing-savvy and advertising-cynical generations ever. Franz Drack, Global Marketing Manager of ABSOLUT Vodka, will help provoke a lively discussion about the future of branding.


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Rory Sutherland on rethinking imagination and creativity

Rory Sutherland gives his BIG IDEA presentation about the power of creativity and imagination when engaging consumers. From The Economists The Big Rethink 2012: Consumers.

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Meet global music mega-phenomenon Spotify at IAA Sweden on April 19.

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Stefan Rydén speaks at tourism-marketing conference in Baku, Azerbailjan.

Azerbaijan is making a great effort to raise it´s profile in the world of tourism, and recently invited Stefan Rydén of RealityCheck Consulting to speak at a conference dedicated to travel and tourism marketing. Set in Baku on 29-30/3, the keynote speaker the first day was Mr Abulfas Garayev, Minister of culture and tourism, while Stefan Rydén kicked off Day Two with a talk entitled ” Challenges and opportunities in marketing communications for the global tourism industry”. A keen audience of professionals, scholars and students could take in 20 or so speakers from around the world, including the UK, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, Russia and Azerbaijan. Clearly, the tourism industry offers the Azeris many possibilities but there are also major challenges. More on Azerbaijan Tourism here.

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New assignment: RealityCheck returns to the high seas….

We are back on the high seas again. Or at least on the the docks. After having delivered a range of projects on the subject of yachting life and marine tourism over the years, RealityCheck Consulting has been assigned by the Swedish Marine Technology Forum to work on a ground-breaking, user-friendly new marina-concept. Stay tuned for more…

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IAA Sweden-seminar, Feb 15, 2012: Anyone interested in € 1.4 billion?

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How to make choosing easier

Don´t miss this: We all think we’re good at making choices; many of us even enjoy making them. Sheena Iyengar looks deeply at choosing and has discovered many surprising things about it. For instance, her famous ”jam study,” done while she was a grad student, quantified a counterintuitive truth about decisionmaking — that when we’re presented with too many choices, like 24 varieties of jam, we tend not to choose anything at all. (This and subsequent, equally ingenious experiments have provided rich material for Malcolm Gladwell and other pop chroniclers of business and the human psyche.)

Iyengar’s research has been informing business and consumer-goods marketing since the 1990s. But she and her team at the Columbia Business School throw a much broader net. Her analysis touches, for example, on the medical decisionmaking that might lead up to choosing physician-assisted suicide, on the drawbacks of providing too many choices and options in social-welfare programs, and on the cultural and geographical underpinning of choice. Her book The Art of Choosing shares her research in an accessible and charming story that draws examples from her own life. Source: TED

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